08-475 unimat 4 s


Unimat 08-475/4S - service unit build by Plasser & Theurer.

More. Semi-automatic machine for levelling, lifting, straightening and tamping 08-275 4/ ZWY, 08-275 ZW SH. More. To top. Subscribe to newsletter. Imprint Data Protection ©2021 SPITZKE SE 4 ELECTRICAL&ELECTRONICS 9 -10 5 PNEUMATIC 11 -12 SITE - At machine STMD - Satellite depot ZTMD - Zonal depot that this is the list of spares required for the normal maintenance of Unimat 08-475- 4S for one year only and does not include the spares required for … Five unique tamping machines (Unimat 08-4x4/4S, Unimat 09-4x4/4S E³, 09-3X Dynamic Tamping Express, 09-3X E³ Tamping Express and Duomatic 09-2X) Three different track sections with obstacles Available in English, German and Japanese Unimat 08-475/4S; Unimat 08-275/3S; Unimat Compact 08/3S; Plasser 08-16 SH; Junior 08-16/4; Self-loading and road/rail tamping machines. back to „Self-loading and road/rail tamping machines“ Plasser 09-16 C.A.T.-ZW; Ballast distributing and profiling.

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0. Compartir esta publicación  Die Plasser & Theurer Universalstopfmaschine 08-475 Unimat 4S, Schweres Nebenfahrzeug Nr. 97 43 42 003 17-1, USM 833 der DB Bahnbau Gruppe ist am   Gleis- und Weichenstopfmaschine 08-475 Unimat 4S. Allgemeine Daten: Gesamtgewicht: 95 t; Länge über Puffer: 34.000 mm; Drehzapfenabstand: 14.000 mm  «Унимат 08-275», «Унимат 08-475» – не менее 4–7 часов. мат 08-475 4S» отличаются от машин серии ВПРС более высокой производи- тельностью  3187842383, ДЕТАЛЬ КОНТАКТНОЙ СЕТИ, EL-T 1050-S. 3187842384 3187891333, КОЛПАК БУКСЫ, RG 153098/4, UNIMAT 08-475. 3187891334  Provozovatel, Značení, Rok výroby, Aktuální stav.

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08-475 unimat 4 s

מהדק רבד מדגם Plasser 08-475 UNIMAT 4S של חברת Bahnbau Gruppe בבניית מסילת העמק (שיתוף פעולה עם חברת לסיכו) מקור: youtube.com תאריך יצירה: 12/12/19 יוצר הקובץ: KOBIZ99 אישורים והיתרים The Unimat 09-4×4/ 4S universal tamping machine for tracks and points has four independently working tamping units with a total of 16 tamping picks. Continuous travel and cyclic tamping far into the area of the points is possible during scheduled full track maintenance.

08-475 unimat 4 s

The machines of the Unimat 08-RT series have been an important innovative step towards maintenance of modern high capacity S&Cs. The heavier designs of S&Cs due to the use of concrete sleepers and heavy duty rails can be treated effectively and carefully with the 4S tamping banks in split design, the use of the 3-rail lifting device, the pivoting suspension of the tamping banks and the large

Semi-automatic machine for levelling, lifting, straightening and tamping 08-275 4/ ZWY, 08-275 ZW SH. More. To top. Subscribe to newsletter.

08-475 unimat 4 s

výhybková ASP (Plasser & Theurer) vhodná pre podbíjanie výhybiek na betónových podvaloch.

Browse more videos Natar > Airplanes, trains, cars, ships > Plasser&Theurer Unimat 4S 08-475, Finland. Play As. 24 Unimat 08-475 4S Unimat 08-475, vierachsige Grundmaschine mit einem Gesamtgewicht von 100t. Diese Maschine ist mit einem Weichenstopfaggregat ausgerüstet, bei dem alle Stopfwerkzeuge unabhängig voneinander seitlich verschiebbar sind. Diese Maschine dient in erster Linie zum Stopfen von Weichen. Sie ist aber aufgrund ihrer hohen Geschwindigkeit und der hochwertigen elektronischen Steuerung the produced details and spare parts for tamping machines plasser unimat 08 -475 4s: the produced spare parts for tamping units of plasser unimat 08 -475 4s are shown on scheme 1 (coloured in red) and described in table 1.

Plasser & Theurer invites you to experience the individual configuration of a Unimat 09-4x4/4S at our exhibition stand at this year’s InnoTrans. Our VR tool, based on PlasserModularCustomizing, makes it … Plasser & Theurer 08–475 Unimat Ballast Tamper. Written by Bryn Jones for our September 2011 Newsletter. Download this article in PDF format.. Introduction. This model was based on the design of three prototype machines owned by Queensland Rail in Australia.

08-475 unimat 4 s

Overview; Key Features; A 360-degree view of track construction; References; Unimat 08-4x4/4S; Unimat Compact 08/3S; Plasser 08-16 SH; Multi-purpose machines. Unimat Combi 08-275; Self-loading and road/rail tamping machines. Plassermatic 08-275/4 ZW-Y; UST 79 S; Lightweight tamping machines Prepared for tomorrow’s market: the Unimat 09-4x4/4S is also available as a hybrid machine. Fitted with the revolutionary new E³ drive technology, it can be fully electrically powered during travelling and working operation. Unimat 08-475/4S – универсальная выправочно-подбивочно-рихтовочная путевая машина с щеточным устройством. Для работы на стрелочных  16 мар 2019 Серия: 08-475 UNIMAT 4S.

Equipped with proven tamping units, the machine is at LRMC's disposal for regular maintenance works on the elevated railway line and for fast disruption repair. The Junior 08-16/4 is fitted with the same components used on our high-performance tamping machines. Universal tamping machine Unimat 08-475/ 4S. More.

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The Unimat 08-475/4S universal tamping machine is a cyclically operating, single sleeper, leveller, lifting, aligning and tamping machine for tracks and points.

Производитель Emaux; Модель NMU415-S; Страна Китай; Материал изготовления Нерж.